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ZGS13-12 American prefabricated box-type substation

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ProductCategory: Box Type Substation Series

Intro:This product is developed by absorbing foreign technology and combining domestic actual conditions. The whole product has the characteristics of small size, easy installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, strong overload capacity, and full protection. It is suitable for new communities, green belts, parks, stations, hotels, construction sites, airports and other places.

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This intelligent integrated transformer substation is a nationalized type American box substation developed by our Company. As an important power supply unit in the cable distribution network, it is an in tegrated prefabricated product of high voltage control, protection, power transformation and power distribution, which is widely used in the urban and rural distribution network.The high voltage load switch and high voltage fuse are put into the transformer oil, so this product has two structure forms of one box and divided box with the transformer body.The oil box is of full-sealed structure with oil temperature indicator, oil level gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and oil drain valve to monitor the operation condition of the transformer. This kind of products has three types of power supply modes ring network type, terminal type and power type. Ln order to make the product meet the actual demands of the power grid in China better, we promotes plug-pull dry type fuse and the fusing of the fuse wire has no effect to the performance of transformer oil. According to the complicated degree of low voltage outgoing demands, this product has three types of enclosure – standard type, reinforced type and integrated type, as a result, the clients and design agents have more choices.

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