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XL-21 Power Distribution Cabinet

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ProductCategory: Low Voltage Switchgear Series

Intro:XL-21 low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power distribution in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises, in three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire systems with an AC voltage of 500 volts and below. The XL-21 low-voltage power distribution box is an indoor device installed against the wall, and the screen is overhauled.

XL-21 low-voltage power distribution cabinet is a new type of domestically designed components for Hongsu Electric.


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The shell is made of steel plate, with compact structure, convenient maintenance, and flexible circuit scheme Combination and other characteristics; in addition to the installation of air circuit breakers and fuses as circuit breaker protection,Equipped with contactors and thermal relays, the front door of the box can be equipped with operation buttons and indicators, and a knife switch is required.

At the time, the knife switch operating handle is installed on the upper right column of the front of the box, which can be used to switch the power supply and power distribution.

There is a door in the front of the box. After the door is opened, all the equipment in the distribution box is exposed for easy maintenance.

XL type Power distribution cabinets are used in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, schools and institutions, and exchange frequency. Single-phase and three-phase, 50Hz ^ 60Hz, load current below 630A, IT system below 500V, TN-C system, TT system (formerly known as three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire power system) for power and lighting For power distribution.

Use environment:

1. Ambient temperature: -5 ° C ~ + 40C, and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed + 36 ° C 2. Altitude: no more than 2000m. 3.Relative humidity: no more than 50% when the ambient air temperature is + 40 ° C; it can be at lower temperatures High relative humidity (for example: 90% at + 20C), taking into account the temperature change allows moderate production Condensation.

4. The inclination between the equipment and the vertical plane should not exceed 5 ° C. The equipment should be installed in a place without severe vibration, impact and corrosion.

Main circuit rated voltage AC380V
Rated insulation voltage AC660V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated current <=800A

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