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solid busbar

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Yes-102 Φ20 T2 copper bar for GIS switchgear

Solid copper busbar is made of copper C110. It is processed by stamping, CNC bending, finish treatment and insulaiton. The busbar finish can be bare copper, tin plating, nickel plating and silver plating.The insulation can be PVC, PE heat shrink tube, epoxy powder coating and PA12. They are widely used in switchgear, transformer, relay, battery, energy storage systems, charging piles, electric forklift, electric car battery pack etc. Models and sizes can be customized as customer’s request.

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factory customize tin plated flat copper bar busbar  features

1. Excellent electrical conductivity.

2. High bonding strength.

3. Pure T2 copper.

4.Copper foil busbar to be used in transformer has a profile to allow for transformer thermal expansion and contraction

5.Made of copper foil provides maximum flexibility and reduces vibration . It is typically used for copper busbar systems, transformer connections and High Voltage Switchgear.

factory customize tin plated flat copper bar busbar introduce

What material should be used to make busbars?

Regarding the busbars' materials ,long using life and reliable working status is very important,and material characteristics make effect of this.Materials with characteristics of high mechanical strength in tension,low electrical resistance,ease of fabrication,high resistance to corrosion is very good choice of busbars.As a result ,both copper and aluminium with these characteristics are suitable to make busbars

While for conductivity and strength, copper is better than aluminium.An exposed aluminium surface rapidly forms a hard insulating film of aluminium oxide is not conductive. On the contrary, the oxide film that forms on the surface of copper is conductive.

Although copper is higher cost than aluminum,more people prefer copper to make busbars.

factory customize tin plated flat copper bar busbar drawing

Material: T2  ( E-CU58, CU-ETP,C11000,C1100 )

Aluminum (1060 )

Copper clad Aluminum

Or other materials as customer's request.

Finish: Tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating or customized.
Packing: Blister and wooden box packing to avoild bus bar broken or deformed.
Quotation time: 1-2 days after receiving drawings.
Certificates: ISO9001

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