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The construction of charging facilities is an important guarantee for the development of the new energy automobile industry

Report: Recently, in order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new energy security strategy of "Four Revolutions, One Cooperation" and implement the central government’s decision and deployment on accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, State Grid Corporation of China held a full construction of new energy vehicle charging facilities in 2020 The video conference was started for the project's centralized linkage. Mao Weiming, chairman and party secretary of the company, announced at the main venue of the company's headquarters that the State Grid Corporation of China will comprehensively build a new energy vehicle charging facility project in 2020.

As one of the seven major areas of new infrastructure, charging infrastructure construction has the characteristics of large investment and long chain. It is an important guarantee for the development of the new energy automobile industry and an important part of the emerging digital economy such as smart transportation and smart energy. The construction of a batch of charging pile projects will further promote the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure and business model exploration across the country, create a good environment for the promotion of new energy vehicles, and promote the larger-scale and higher-quality development of charging piles, which is conducive to boosting The people's confidence in the consumption of new energy vehicles will promote the industry to get out of the short-term bottom dilemma, which will help solve the problems of insufficient total charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles, uneven distribution, insufficient convenience, etc., serve the development of the industry, and promote the green transformation of energy. Construction of ecological civilization.

In recent years, State Grid Corporation of China has been actively serving the development of new energy vehicles, focusing on the construction of charging infrastructure on the one hand and grid-connected power supply services on the other. It has invested a total of 25.1 billion yuan to build the world's largest smart car networking platform, with a total of 45.7 charging piles. 10,000, covering more than 85% of the country’s public charging piles, built a “ten vertical, ten horizontal and two ring” expressway fast charging network, and formed a Chinese charging and replacement standard system with independent intellectual property rights to serve China’s new energy automobile industry quickly Lay a good foundation for development. In 2020, the State Grid will add 78,000 charging piles to provide labor-saving, time-saving, and money-saving “three provinces” services for the construction of various charging piles. It will continue to improve the openness of the platform based on the Internet of Vehicles platform and charging piles. To promote the integrated development of smart energy and smart transportation.

Therefore, as an important promoter and leader in the field of charging and swapping infrastructure, we must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions, resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, and include new energy vehicle charging piles in the new infrastructure In the scope of construction, promote the construction of new energy vehicle charging facilities, accelerate the construction of an internationally leading energy Internet company with Chinese characteristics, strengthen and expand the domestic market for new energy vehicles, better meet the needs of people for a better life, and inject new momentum into economic and social development .

Post time: Jun-30-2021