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MNS low voltage draw-out switch cabinet

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ProductCategory: Low Voltage Switchgear Series

Intro:MNS type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is developed by our company after referring to the MNS series of low-voltage switchgear of other companies and comprehensively improving it. It is a low-voltage withdrawable switchgear.

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MNS low-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as Switchgear) is applicable for an AC 50~60Hz power distribution system with rated working voltage of 690V; used for all low voltage power distribution systems. It is widely applied in various industries including electric system, petrochemical engineering, industrial and mining enterprises, public utilities, municipal engineering, and commercial buildings. Thus MNS proves to have the approved solution for the following industries:Oil &Gas,on and off shore,Chemical/Petrochemical,Pharmaceutical,Power Stations,Paper,Water treatment,Mining,Steel,Food, Marine as well as for infrastructure requirements: Data centers, Airports,Office buildings, Shopping centers,Hospitals,Rail Standards:GB7251.12-2013, IEC61439-1/-2 Working and environmental conditions: MNS2.0 low-voltage switchgear is designed for indoor installations. The protection classes for MNS2.0 can be up to IP54 under other working conditions. Environmental temperature: Maximum short-time temperature: +40℃ Maximum 24h average temperature: +35℃ Minimum temperature : -5℃ Aerating under more rigorous conditions. Working conditions for measuring, metering instruments and protective relays should conform to the specification of the manufacturers. The climatic conditions should be relative humidity of ambient environment: 50% at 40℃. Switchgear installed indoors should have such conditions as comply with requirements of relevant standards. Measures for prevention of condensation such as ventilation or heating should be used for the switchgear where condensation may occur. Altitude: Not more than 2000m. Equipment should be operated at a reduced capacity when the switchgear is installed at an altitude of more than 2000m.

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