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lamitated busbar

Short Description:

flexible copper foil laminated connector consists of C11000 copper foils, the both ends of which are press-welded together. The welding process is also called molecular diffusion welding which makes the lamination pressed and heated with each other, and then the contact area is shaped.

Most of the laminated copper foil connectors are customized according to the drawing.

Product Detail

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Material: C11000 copper foil, copper content ≥ 99.95%

Single Foil Thickness:

  • 0.03mm
  • 0.05mm
  • 0.10mm (standard)
  • 0.20mm
  • 0.30mm
  • 0.40mm
  • 0.50mm

Finish: no plating, tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating

Cross Sectional Area: 1.5mm2 - 5000mm2


Cooperation Industry

Wind power generation, new energy charging pile, rail transit, Marine electrical appliances, electrolysis industry, etc

Main Products

Copper Soft Connection

Aluminum Soft Connection Copper and Aluminum Bus bar
Customizable Electrode Plate High Pressure Connection Copper and Aluminum Parts

Large Conductive Ring

Equipment Connection Device of 5KV-50KV Rectifier Station


Professional customization please consult us ~

Material Standard

GB: T2 CopperAluminum

Other Material also can be customized

Insulation Surface

Heat Shrink Tubes

Surface Plating

Tin-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated or vulcanizeRectifier equipment connection device can spray paint
Choose according to customer requirements

Sample/Trial Order

Delivery Time

In 4-7 working days according to different bus bar structure and manufacture process

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