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KYN61-40.5(Z) Armoured removable AC metal enclosed switchgear

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ProductCategory: High Voltage Switchgear Series

Intro:The KYN61-40.5(Z) type metal-clad movable enclosed AC metal switchgear, (hereinafter referred to as switchgear), a kind of complete set of indoor power distributing device with rated voltage of 40.5KV, 3-phase, AC, and 50Hz has such functions as controlling, protecting and measuring circuits, the switchgear conforms with such standards as GB/T11022- 1999, GB3906- 1991, DL4041997 and etc.

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Product feature

The cabinet is assembled with integral units, the mobile circuit breaker is of floor type
Equipped with a new type of compound insulating vacuum circuit breaker, good interchangeability, and simple replacement
A screw rod propelling mechanism, which can easily move the hand-cart and prevent error operations Operations can be carried out when the door is closed
Interlock among the main switch, hand-cart, and door of the switchgear adopts compulsory mechanical blocking which can satisfy fail-safe requirements
The space in the cable compartment is large enough to connect lots of cables
A rapid grounding switch is used for earth and short circuit
Enclosure Degree of protection reaches IP4X. when the door of the handcart compartment is open, the degree of protection is IP2X
In conformity with GB3906-1991, DL404-1997, and the standard of IEC-298


project units parameter
The rated voltage kV 40.5
Rated insulation level Lightning shock voltage (full wave) kV 185
Power frequency withstand voltage (1min) kV 95
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 630;1250;1600;2000
Rated short circuit break time Power frequency withstand voltage (1min) kV 20、25、31.5
Rated short circuit closing current (peak) kV 50、63、80
Rated dynamic steady current (peak) kV 50、63、80
4S heat-stable current (effective value) kV 20、25、31.5
Enclosure protection class Vacuum breaker cabinet mm IP4X
Dimensions (L×W×H) SF6 short-circuit cabinet mm 1400×2200×2600

The use of condition

Environment temperature: from +40℃ to -10℃, the average temperature in 2ah not exceeding 35℃.

Absolute elevation: less than 1000m.

Relative humidity: daily average value less than 95% and monthly average value less than 90%.

Earthquake intensity: less than 8 degrees.

Water vapor pressure: daily average value less than 2.2kPa and monthly average value less than 1.8 kPa.

Surrounding environment place where there are no dangers of fire and ex. plosion, or serious dirt, chemical corrosion, or violent vibration

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