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JP integrated distribution box (compensationcontrolterminallighting)

Short Description:

ProductCategory: Low Voltage Switchgear Series

Intro:JP series outdoor integrated power distribution box is a multi-function integrated metering, outlet, reactive power compensation and other functions to achieve outdoor integrated power distribution device, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, leakage protection and other functions, small size, beautiful appearance, economical Practical, installed on the pole of the outdoor transformer on the pole

JP integrated distribution box, is a concentration of measuring, qualification, reactive power compensation and other multi-functional comprehensive reach outdoor distribution equipment at an organic whole, with a short circuit, overload, over voltage, electric leakage protection function, small volume, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, installed on the outdoor column transformer pole, it is an ideal distribution of urban and rural power grid renovation of a new generation of products.

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Technical parameters:

name unit parameter
Variational pressure capacity KVA 30-400
rated operational voltage V AC400
Operating voltage of auxiliary circuit V AC220, AC380
rated frequency Hz 50
rated current A W 630
Rated leakage operating current mA 30-300adjustable
level of protection   IP54

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