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Inflatable cabinet isolating switch

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ProductCategory: Inflatable cabinet series

Intro: The isolation switch is a special isolation switch for inflatable cabinets. The product is a rotary blade structure, with compact structure, small volume, easy installation, and suitable for use in inflatable cabinets.

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The isolating switch is a special isolating switch for inflatable cabinets. The productis arotary blade structure, with compact structure, small volume, and convenient instaIlation. It is especially suitable for use in inflatable cabinetsK Product performance meets the requirements of Gb1985-2004″High Voltage AClating Switch andgrounding Switch”MI class isolating switch


1 Rated coltage KV 12
2 Ratedfrequency HZ 50
3 Rated current KA 630
4 Rated short-time withstand current KA 20/25
5 Rated peak withstand current KA 50
6 Rated peak withstand current S 4
7 Rated short-circuit making current frequency 50
8 Rated short-circuit making current KA 1000
9 Main circuit resistance uQ <=30

The altitude does not exceed 2000m , and the earthquake intensity does not exceed 82 . The ambient air temperature is lower than + 50C and not lower than-45c The daily averagerelative temperature is not more than 95% and the monthly average is not more than 90% .3 . Installation places with frequent severe vibration , water vapor , gas , chemical corrosive deposits ,salt spray , dust and dirt , and fire , which olIsly affect the performance of the mechanism , arenot suitable for installation places with explosion hazards .4 . Rated SF6 gas pressure : 0 . 04MPA , SF6 gas meets the requirements of GB / T12022-2014 ” Industrialsulfur hexafluoride

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