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HXGN17-12 box type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear

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ProductCategory: High Voltage Switchgear Series

Intro:HXGN17-12 box-type fixed AC metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as ring main unit) has a rated voltage of 12kV. A complete set of AC high-voltage electrical equipment with a rated frequency of 50 Hz. It is mainly used in three-phase AC ring networks, terminal distribution networks and industrial electrical equipment to receive and distribute electrical energy. 

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HXGN17-12 box fixed type metal-enclosed switchgear (switch cabinet for short) is used to receive and distribute electrical energy in 3.6,7.2,12kV three phase AC 50Hz system , specially in the frequent operation occasion .

lts bus bar system is single bus bar and it can derive single bus bar with branch and double bus bar structure.

This switch cabinet conforms to the requirement of national standard GB3906-91“3-35kV AC Metal Seal Switch equipment”and the international standard IEC298, and has the function of“five prevention”.

This switch cabinet's main switch is composed of ZN28A-12 Yu or the ZN22-12 series vacuum circuit breaker, the CD17A spring operating mechanism and the CT19B spring operating mechanism, the GN30-12rotary isolator and the GN22-10 big electric current isolator series product.

Use environmental conditions

1.Ambient temperature:-25°℃~ +40°C;2.Altitude is not higher than 100OM;

3.Relative environment humidity: The daily relative humidity average is not higher than 95%;The monthly relative humidity average is not than higher 90%;

4.The earthquake s intensity does not exceed 8 degree.

5. Without fire, the danger of explosion, chemical corrosion and fierce vibration place and the pollution grade not beyond 3 level.

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