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DFW European cable distribution box

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ProductCategory: Cable Branch Box Series

Intro:European-style cable distribution box is a cable engineering equipment widely used in power distribution network systems in recent years. Its main features are two-way door opening, use of butt sleeves as connection bus bars, small length, clear cable arrangement, and three-core cable There is no need for advantages such as large span crossing. The cable connector used complies with DIN47636 standard.

DFW series cable branch box is outdoor design, fully sealed structure, the protection class of the cabinet can reach IP33.

The cable joint bracket is made of stainless steel, and the external form is made of 2mm high-quality stainless steel plate. The inner part of the box is divided into bus room and cable bin by the cable warehouse roof. The bus room is a sealed room enclosed by 2mm steel plate. The cable joint bracket is located at the upper part of the bus room to support the bushing, which is used to fix the cable joint. The interphase distance of the cable joint is 180mm.

For the arrester type, the arrester is installed at the end of the cable connector. In addition, the short circuit indicator and live display are also installed in the bus room. All live parts of bus room are treated with strict silicone rubber insulation.

The cable warehouse is located in the lower part of the bus room, which is the channel for cable entry and exit. There are cable fixing clamps and grounding terminals in the warehouse.

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Technical parameter

project data project data  
nominal voltage 12kV Joint resistance 40 y Q  
rated current 630A Conductor operating temperature W95P  
rated frequency 50Hz partial discharge Wl0pc/13kV  
Rated thermal stable current 20kA/3s moisture test 11kV/100h  
Rated dynamic steady current (peak) 50kA Applicable cable type XLPE  
power frequency withstand voltage 45kA/1min Applicable cable section 25°C~4 00°C  
Lightning shock withstand voltage 105kV Applicable ambient temperature -40P~+50°C  
    Applicable altitude w3000m  
9 Rated breaking capacitor current A 45  
10 Rated breaking inductor current A 16  
11 Full load breaking times   >100  
12 Number of operation of switching machinery   2000

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