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copper contact

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Copper contact is made of copper C110, T2 or aluminum . It is processed by stamping, CNC bending, finish treatment. The copper power contact finish can be bare copper, tin plating, nickel plating and silver plating.. They are widely used in switchgear, load break switch, vacuum circuit breaker, energy storage systems, charging piles, electric forklift, electric car battery pack etc. Models and sizes can be customized as customer’s request.

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Material: T2  ( E-CU58, CU-ETP,C11000,C1100 )Aluminum (1060 )Copper clad AluminumOr other materials as customer’s request.
Finish: Tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating or customized.
Packing: Blister and pallet or wooden box packing to avoild bus bar broken or deformed.
Quotation time: 1-2 days after receiving drawings.
Certificates: ISO9001

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