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copper contact arm

Short Description:

1.Contact arm

2.Copper contact arm

3.Copper-Aluminum contact arm

4.Contact arm for VCB

5.VCB Contact arm

Product Detail

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1.name: fixed contact arm

2.rated current: 400A, 630A, 1000A, 1250A, 2000A, 3150A, 4000A.

3.contact material: copper.

4.surface treatment: thick silver-plated, discoloring proof treatment.

The contact

arm is a solid unit in which the primary conducting part of vacuum circuit breaker (vacuum interrupter, main circuit conductive components such as upper/lower terminal) is capsulated into an integrated unit by using epoxy resin which makes the insulation condition of vacuum interrupter against from impact by exterior environment. The solid insulation is not only the main insulation of primary conducting part but also its mechanical support. Embedded pole is made by solidifying the silicon rubber outside the vacuum interrupter, upper terminal of primary conducting part, flexible connection or sliding conducting block, insulating pull rod as a whole with epoxy resin. In the vacuum interrupter, there is a pair of contacts with special structure. Moving conducting rod is connected with moving contact and extended from moving terminal via stainless steel bellow and guiding bushing. At the extended part there is inner hole of screw thread which is connected with insulating rod. The current flows through the moving and fixed contacts via upper and lower terminal of embedded pole. Vacuum arc appears between contacts and disappeared at zero current when moving contact is separated from fixed contact by insulating rod of operating mechanism。

he product modle T2Copper contact arm( Φ 50x158mm 2000A) Copper Aluminium Contact Arm(Φ50×158mm 2000A)
One-way resistance ≤4 uΩ ≤5 uΩ
Circuit breaker loop resistance requirements ≤50 uΩ ≤50 uΩ(And solid seal into loop circuit breaker≤30 uΩ)
Temperature rise requirements 1.1 times of 1250A ≤75° ≤75°C(Actual measurement of temperature rise≤65°C)
Mechanical yield strength 340 N/mm ² 260 N/ mm ²
Dynamic thermal stability Breaking 31.5 KA 4S Peak 80 KA Breaking 31.5 KA 4S Peak 80 KA
Surface treatment Silver plating The material of original contact part is copper

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