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Company Culture


Persevere in doing things if there is a will, and perseverance, gold and stone can be carved.

responsibility. A true manager must have the spirit of not shirking responsibility, be responsible to himself, to employees, and to the company.

Integrity: Baidecheng is the first and Pepsi's trust is the foundation; people can't stand without credibility, and business can't be achieved without credibility; integrity is the company's core values.

Gratitude: to thank our parents, who raised us, and our teachers, who cultivated us;

I want to thank our partners, they have jointly built the stage for our growth,

To thank our competitors, they have promoted our growth;

To thank our customers, they are our food and clothing parents;

We have to thank our society, which has given us what we are today.

The principle of the company's employees is to repay the kindness of dripping water, repay each other in the spring, and repay the gratitude and gratitude.

Integrity of the

Honesty is the way,

Extending in the footsteps of the pioneers;

Honesty is wisdom,

Accumulate with the search of polymaths;

Honesty is success,

As the endeavors approach;

Honesty is the seed of wealth,

As long as you plant it sincerely,

You can find the key to open the vault.